Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui pronounced as ‘Foong Shway’; is an ancient, yet universal art of placement. It literally means wind and water. Wind stands for ‘more opportunities’ in life and water stands for ‘wealth gains’. Feng Shui deals with the tapping of good energy, and balancing and harmonizing it to bring one; better relationships, wealth, health and prosperity. It is about creating a more healthy and harmonious environment for living and working which leads to prosperity.

Is Feng Shui against religion; is it related to black magic?

Feng-shui is not a belief system, nor has it to do anything with religion or black magic! It is a pure and proven science.

How does Feng Shui work for us? What is the scientific explanation behind its working?

Undoubtedly there are energy forces in our environment (the electromagnetic waves) that is unseen, yet prevailing over our lives. The living chi (energy) of the natural environment has the power to nurture us or to destroy us. When we succeed in blending harmoniously with it, we succeed in enhancing our quality of life. This is the practice of Feng –Shui; tapping into the good chi – the luck of the Earth.

Will I have to bring in massive and expensive alterations in my home, like demolishing walls or building up extensions?

No, not at all. You can successfully implement Feng Shui without undertaking any renovations.

Does Feng Shui bring one lottery luck or a sudden increase in fortunes?

Feng Shui will not change your fate or destiny completely. Feng Shui should not be practiced with this unrealistic expectation. But, be sure that your work (opportunities) will increase and thus your income level rises above expectation. Through Feng Shui, you can lessen the impact of the misfortunes encountered and thus making problems easier to bear. More interesting is that, Feng Shui also promises the ability to enhance the magnitude of good time.

How soon can we feel the results, once the cures are placed?

Implementing Feng Shui in our daily life leads to quick changes in our living standards. Positive changes in our family and business life is seen within weeks (nine days to nine weeks) after the remedial cures are placed.

Can you give a detailed description on advanced Flying Star Feng Shui?

Flying star Feng Shui; also known as Xuan Kong, is a very powerful, accurate and fast acting classical method of Feng-Shui used by experienced Feng-Shui masters, to find the lucky and unlucky areas of your home, office or commercial building. This along with the annual stars reveals the distribution of relationship, wealth, romance, marriage and personal growth luck in a building from one cycle (period) of time to another. We are currently in period 8, which lasts till February 4, 2024.

The flying star calculation is done on the basis of your building’s exact energy direction in degrees (taken with the help of a Luo Pan or Compass) and the date of occupancy or last renovation.

Once the lucky and unlucky stars are identified within the building; the auspicious Mountain and Water Stars (for health, relationship, wealth & career) are activated and the unlucky stars are suppressed. This is done by placing the five element remedies – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Are water features an essential factor in Feng Shui?

In the five elements; water has a major role to play in a home’s prosperity programming. Water Feng Shui, based on flying star charts (both exterior and interior) is a very important and powerful tool for improving money luck.

Once you correctly place an active water feature where the lucky water star is located in the building; money starts to pour in. Equally important is the Mountain star. When you activate the correct location of the lucky mountain star with Mountain symbols; your relationship turns out to be a source of extreme good fortune. The various lucky mountain stars also stand for good health luck too.

Isn’t Feng Shui formulated for the Chinese? Will it work in other parts of the world?

It is true that Feng Shui is a Chinese originated science. The study of Feng Shui started nearly 3,000 years back in ancient China. But it is equally adaptable to any part of the world. As I mentioned earlier, Feng Shui works by tapping in the electromagnetic energy field around us, which is the same in any part of the world. Today Feng Shui has spread to all corners of the world bringing immense benefits and enhancement to people of all walks of life.