Miracle feng shui offers feng shui courses for those who aspire to have a cutting edge over others. Anyone can learn feng shui. You can be a business man, student, architect, interior designer or just a house keeper. Knowing this science builds in you an unparallel confidence level and provides you with the secrets to achieve your goals much easier than you ever expected. Our programs are intensive and of highest quality with specific and clearly-defined goals so, at the end you will be fully equipped to work as a professional consultant. We blend class room learning with hands on work experience which makes your learning complete. Miracle feng shui regularly conducts feng shui classes and the classes are taught personally by Chitra. While the course unfolds, you will learn;.

  • The history and origin of feng shui

  • The five elements and wu xing

  • Pa kua of eight aspirations theory

  • Kua formula of eight directions

  • Flying star formula of period feng shui

  • Trigram feng shui charts

  • Annual and monthly flying star charts

  • Annual updates of feng shui afflictions

  • 12 animals of the zodiac, their nature & compatibility

  • Secret of the Castle gate entrance theory

  • Water empowering techniques

  • Wealth activating methods

  • Course manual and writing material

  • Energized feng shui compass

  • Practitioner's certificate on successful completion of the course